Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone and the foundation of an enterprise. Gaoyue always adheres to the production and management philosophy of "quality first, customer first". Strictly following and implementing the ISO9001 standard and putting it into practice is the key element.


Quality Policy

Utilize the advance of science and technology, steadily improve quality, strengthen process management and put more emphasis on customer satisfaction


Utilize the advance of science and technology and steadily improve quality: Science and technology is the primary productive force. The company constantly introduces, digests and absorbs advanced science and technology at home and abroad in R & D, process, equipment, quality control and other aspects, so as to keep up with the latest technology trends and to ensure the quality of products.

Strengthen process management and improve customer satisfaction: use systematic and process management methods, based on reality, make scientific decisions, optimize resource allocation, carefully organize various tasks and projects, improve work efficiency, strictly control every procedure and links in day-to-day tasks, continuously improving, make high-quality work achievements and foreign cooperation projects, take "user-centered" as the purpose of organizational activities, and through market research. Analyze and understand the current and future needs of customers, take this demand as the goal of efforts, take into account the interests of all parties concerned, and meet and strive to exceed the expectations of customers with high-quality products and services.


Quality Control



The purpose of quality control is to find and eliminate the influence of all possible non-random factors on the quality characteristics of products in the production process, so as to reduce fluctuations and ensure the final quality of products. In the field of quality control, two important realization technologies are quality design and process control. Based on the consensus of the academic and industrial circles that "product quality is first designed and then manufactured", Gaoyue takes "quality design is the foundation and quality monitoring is the key" as the working principle of quality control, takes design as the core, and puts a lot of effort in design, so that products can withstand the impact of various disturbances to the maximum extent. Lastly, it implements quality monitoring through a flawless and effective monitoring mechanism to ensure that production problems are detected and handled in time.


Quality Certificates

The company has passed the ISO9001:2016 quality system certification. We implement a management system from product design, reliability verification, raw material procurement, product production and quality inspection. We strictly follow the requirements of the quality system, ensure the quality and reliability of each product, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.